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Below are listed some of our most popular services. We believe that every massage therapy session is an opportunity to enhance our client’s health and well being. We would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you.

For all of our massages where oils are indicated, we use all natural products infused with different elements that are non-greasy and will not leave a residue.

Swedish Massage: 
Using classic techniques, this massage offers a gentle touch with rhythmic motions for soothing and relaxing. It involves long gliding strokes to unravel tension in the muscles and gentle movement of the joints to provide greater range of motion. This is a good therapy for stress reduction, pain management, Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue or for anyone that is sensitive to pressure. This therapy is also good for children.

Therapeutic  Massage:
This technique incorporates more muscle specific relaxation. Our talented therapists will direct more time and attention to specific target areas using deeper pressure when needed, trigger point therapy, muscle stripping and stretch therapy. These techniques help clear the muscles of any metabolic waste products and realign muscle fibers allowing increased blood flow to the tissue. Stretch therapy coaxes muscles back to a normal resting length providing greater range of motion and ease in movement. This therapy is especially good for releasing pain in chronic problem areas such as the back, neck, shoulders including rotator cuff discomfort, tennis or golf elbow, legs, and TMJ issues. 

Sports Massage:
Using vigorous strokes, stretching and friction, this treatment is specially designed to prepare the muscles for exercise or help them recover more quickly afterward.

Foot Reflexology:
A unique therapy based on the theory that each body organ has a corresponding reflex point on the foot. By working with these points, the corresponding tissue, organ or muscle will be affected. Using specific reflexology techniques, our therapists perform a gentle pressure point massage to help release blockages and re-establish energy flow to improve circulation, ease pain, release stress and induce a deep level of relaxation. The client remains clothed except for the feet. This is an excellent therapy for stress management, pain management or individuals who have a condition that would be a contraindication for a full body massage.

Raindrop Therapy:
This therapy employs the sequential application of 9 essential oils massaged along the spine and back. The neck, shoulders & feet are also addressed in this session. This is a unique therapy that is a great treatment to use in conjunction with a body detox regimen. It is also helpful when working through stressful situations and for promoting emotional balance. Not recommended for clients sensitive to fragrances.

Oriental medicine states a belief that when the energy in the body is in balance there will be health, when out of balance there will be dis-ease. With the client fully clothed, the Reiki therapist will perform a series of gentle, resting hand placements on the body with the intention of balancing the energy flow in the body. The experience is extremely relaxing and promotes equilibrium and harmony on all levels. This holistic, healing energy work is especially beneficial for those recovering from an illness.

Pregnancy Massage:
Focusing on the very special needs of moms-to-be, pre-natal massage gently relieves stress on weight bearing joints, eases neck and back pain and helps reduce water retention. A relaxed and happy mom makes for a relaxed and happy baby!

Facial massage:
This relaxing session includes a gentle neck and shoulder massage before the focus on the face. The therapist will use facial massage techniques to apply cleanser, exfoliant, calming mask, toner and moisturizer to the face. While the mask sets, you may have a hand or foot or scalp massage.

Specially tailored:
Clients can request different combinations of treatments for their session. For example, a 90 minute massage may incorporate a 60 minute swedish massage with 30 minutes reflexology, or a 60 minute massage may be 30 minutes therapeutic with a 30 minute facial, etc.

Chair Massage:
Chair Massage is an on-site massage therapy session that uses a specialized chair. The client remains fully clothed and sessions focus on head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. These “mini-massage” sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes.

On-site chair massage is used in offices across the nation to help manage stress levels. It is an affordable “perk” for companies to offer their employees. It has been proven to enhance morale and performance in the workplace. The day chair massage is happening in the office makes that workday a special event! Exposure to massage therapy begins a train of thought toward a more healthful lifestyle. Healthy employees are good employees!

On-site chair massage is used at marketing events to attract people to your booth and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Build good will!

On-site chair massage is used at all manners of fund raising or special outings events. It is a welcome respite of relaxation to the participants of your event. Lift spirits!

Contact Lisa to find out how you can include this unique form of massage therapy in your next special event!

Rest Your Body, Relax Your Mind, Rejuvenate Your Spirit!

We look forward to working with you through massage to promote health and healing, to lower your stress levels and help you create balance in your life.

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